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If your dog regularly rides in the back seat of your vehicle, you may have car repair costs associated with having a dog.

You are not alone. Many individuals and families own pets that get to ride in the family automobile. Often family dogs can cause damage or general wear and tear on the vehicle. You may find that you are spending more and more money at the mechanic having little things here and there fixed on your vehicle.

There are a few options you can explore. Perhaps you need to find ways to get Grover to the veterinarian’s office, but do not want him to chew through the passenger seatbelt for the third time. Maybe you want to take the dog with you for a weekend hiking in the mountains. So many people need to use their vehicle to transport their beloved pet. You should not have to pay a premium in car repair bills to do so.

First of all, talk with your veterinarian if you think that your dog has some anxiety issues when it comes to riding in the vehicle. If anxiety is the cause of your dog’s erratic driving behavior, your veterinarian might be able to prescribe your dog with anti-anxiety medicines. These drugs will basically calm your dog making him easier to travel with and reduce anxiety drive vehicle damage.

Your veterinarian may be able to suggest an alternative way to travel with your dog to prevent car repair. Although to you crating may seem cruel or frustrating to the dog, your veterinarian may recommend it. Crates are like a child’s stroller, carriage or safety seat. For the dog, it is a way for them to be restrained and ride safely.

It is possible that your veterinarian has several varieties and sizes of crates available for your dog. They can explain the different styles to you and help you find a crate that is right for your dog and your vehicle. The general rule to remember about crates is that they are a safer alternative than letting your dog roam freely in the backseat.

If you are not willing to crate your dog, there are ways to cut back on car repair bills associated with your pooch. There are a variety of back seat protectors available in different sizes and styles. You can purchase a hammock that keeps your dog in the back seat area, creating an inverted tent shape that prevents a lot of movement.